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What happens once I join the Best4bunny monthly subscription club?

The latest issue of Best4bunny Magazine will be posted out to you straight away.

You will receive a newsletter by email, twice a month, which will include any current discount offers, competitions or downloads, plus news and tips.  

This will continue for as long as you are a member of the Best4bunny monthly subscription club. 

Which countries are able to purchase the Best4bunny Magazine?

We ship the magazine worldwide and shipping costs are calculated when you order your magazine.

How many issues are included in a yearly subscription?

There are 4 issues of the Best4bunny Magazine each year and they are quarterly. There will be a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter issue each year.

I am having trouble logging into my account.

Try resetting your password by clicking ‘Lost password’ and try again. 

How can I purchase a magazine or subscription as a gift for someone?

When you place your order, please put in comments that this is a gift, and we can email you a Best4bunny Magazine gift card.