Of course rabbits are cute and fluffy, but as many bunny lovers will know, there is so much more to a rabbit than that! These bunny facts below prove just how truly amazing rabbits are & why nobody should ever underestimate a bunny and their intelligence!

## Rabbits can live to the age of 75 & over!!
Yes really!! Rabbits can live for as long as 10 years & more. If you convert 10 rabbit years into human years, that makes them 75 years old. So if you think rabbits don’t live that long, think again!

## Rabbits love living in your house!
Yes, you heard that right, house rabbits are becoming more & more popular. Rabbits are very easy to house/litter train too – just as easy as a cat or dog! When you share your house with rabbits, you get to spend so much more time with them and you will be amazed at how well they adapt to becoming a member of your family under the same roof. Rabbits love company and you will find this out very quickly!

## Rabbits resemble toddlers!
Just like small children, rabbits need to use up their energy on a regular basis, by running around and having fun. They are very curious, especially of anywhere that is out of bounds! Their commitment to anything that they are curious of & the fact they don’t like to give in, will amaze you. They need to have their mind kept active with lots to do, otherwise they can become bored and sometimes disruptive. They can also throw a tantrum and ignore you, if they don’t get what they want! (like treats or their dinner on time!)

## Rabbits like to have ‘A toilet’
Rabbits are very clean animals and tend to go to the loo in one place only. This will be their ‘toilet’ area. Just like a cat, rabbits are very easy to litter train & you can train them to use a litter tray too.

## Rabbits can understand words!
Just like a dog, rabbits understand certain words. They will learn words like ‘Bedtime’ ‘Treats’ & the word ‘No’ as well as their name. So talk to your rabbit & watch their ears move as they listen to you.

## Rabbits are just like dogs!
We often hear people say ‘my rabbit thinks he is a dog!’ Well this is because rabbits are very similar to dogs. Once your rabbit learns to trust you, they will love spending time with you & their character will really come out. They are full of great personality & emotions, just like a dog. They will wait for you to come home from work, they will beg for treats, they love games & will learn commands and tricks too. They will love relaxing with you in front of the TV also! They will become your best friend in no time.

## Rabbits can become annoyed with you!
Rabbits have many moods & they can definitely be in a mood with you! Usually you know when you get ‘The Bunny Glare’. They can also ignore you and sulk for long periods. This usually happens after a trip to the vets or if you are ever late with their food.

## Rabbits are great time keepers!
They love a routine and once you establish one, they will know exactly when it’s feeding time, treat time & exercise time. They will know when it is time for their medication too (should they need any on a regular basis) & will usually be hiding. You would think they have watches because they are so good at keeping time!

## Rabbits love to be in charge!
Rabbits can be very bossy and to witness Diva like behaviour is not uncommon. They will gladly let you know when they are not happy about something. Some will grunt at you, some will stamp their foot once & some will give you a glare that will stop you in your tracks. They are very protective over their homes & they like to let you know how they want their home to look, not how you want it to look. When it comes to cleaning out their homes, they will want to know exactly what you are doing. They will tell you when play time is over, you don’t tell them (otherwise known as giving you the runaround). You may even get a firm nudge from them, to let you know they would like you to move out of their space. If you leave things in their way, they will gladly let you know they are not happy and you can sometimes witness your shoes being thrown in the air.

## Rabbits will love you unconditionally
Just like a dog, once a rabbit loves you, they will always love you. Make sure your rabbit is happy & healthy and once they learn to trust you, they will become your best buddy. You will witness just how special a relationship can be with these furry, long eared bundles of wonderfulness.