We all know that rabbits can communicate with us in their own special way, whether it’s a disapproving glare, a furious grunt or a wet nose nudge. But what if they could talk? You know they’d be asking you questions like these…

Why is it always you that gets to say when playtime is over?

And why, if I don’t agree playtime is quite over, do you insist on saying my name over & over & over again? That’s so annoying! Just be patient & understand I will go back in… eventually!

Why do you insist on arranging my home the way you want it?

How is it acceptable for you to move all my stuff around, yet if I decide to rearrange something in your home or garden, you don’t like it!

Why do I have to keep to my treat limit but you don’t keep to yours?

I know we both have treat limits in place to stop us getting overweight but it’s so unfair if I have no choice but to stick to my limit and then watch you change yours every single day. I’m not even sure if you still have a limit judging by what I see you eat!

Why do you always panic when I have done a happy flop?

You know it’s a happy flop & you know I do them to show how happy & relaxed I am. You should be pleased to see me do them, yet you always panic and stand right over me to check I am still breathing and sometimes you even poke me!

Why is it ok for you to make noise when I’m sleeping but I can’t when you’re sleeping?

If I make noise while you’re sleeping, you don’t like it and you’re very quick to confiscate what toy I am making noise with! You regularly make noise with those monsters you call a lawn mower & vacuum cleaner & wake me up. 
And walking by me saying sorry is not acceptable!

Why do you always say ‘eat your hay’ ‘eat your hay’ ‘eat your hay’ every single day?

You sound like a broken record. I know I have to eat hay to stay healthy, so don’t feel like you have to keep telling me every day! I don’t see you eating your healthy food as much as you should do!

Why don’t you like me helping you when you clean out my home?

I want to help but all you say is ‘Leave that alone’ or ‘Why can’t you go & play?’ You’re so ungrateful & so rude sometimes!

Why do you keep buying me toys that I find really boring?

There is nothing more interesting and fun to play with than all the ‘free’ toys lying around the house & garden, so save your money!

Why do you put tasty plants in the garden that are safe for me to eat but then get mad when I eat them?

How am I supposed to know that rose wasn’t for me?

Why don’t you clean yourself as much as I do?

I am a little worried about your hygiene as I never see you wash. Take a leaf out of my book and wash at least 5 times a day please!

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