When it comes to rabbits, not many people realise how wonderful they truly are. So we wrote this blog to help people realise that bunnies can be a brilliant companion and here are our reasons why we feel they are the best pet! We would just like to add that all pets are beautiful and a joy to have in your life, but so much is about dogs and cats, we thought it’s about time someone spoke up about bunnies too!

### Rabbits have fantastic personalities
Bunnies are bursting with character. Every single rabbit has their own personality, but unfortunately most people don’t realise this, as they don’t spend enough time with them. Observe them and spend time with them and you will see how amazing they truly are.

### Rabbits will make you laugh out loud on a daily basis
Just watching a rabbit binky will have you fall about laughing. This is when they are feeling very happy and get over excited. They run in different directions at great speed and jump & twist in the air too. It’s like they lose control of their rear ends. Also rabbits can be cheeky and mischievous and there clever ways to get what they want will have you laughing out loud too.

### Rabbits can be left while you are at work
Perfect! Why? because they are most active in the morning and evening, that is when they love to run around & go mad and burn up all their energy. Then during the day they take a lot of naps and graze on hay and basically chill out. You will resent them every single morning, knowing that they are going to have a lovely relaxing day, whilst you are working hard.

### Rabbits don’t have to go out for a walk
That’s right, you don’t have to walk them like a dog, nor should you ever let them out on their own to roam around the garden like a cat. Rabbits will need supervised exercise time, because they are prey animals and there are many predators about. Make sure your garden is fully secure around the edges (remember rabbits like to dig) & allow them some fun exercise time around your garden – supervised at all times! Or if your garden is not rabbit safe/friendly create a fun playground area within the garden or your house and let them use up their energy exploring that. You can’t help but love watching them enjoy themselves.

### Rabbits will keep you active
Just because they don’t need to go for a walk, doesn’t mean they won’t keep you active! Whether it is going to the shops to stock up on their favourite vegetables, or if it’s cleaning out time, or exercise time, rabbits will keep you active and healthy and in a way that you can cope, no matter what your age or fitness ability. They will also keep your mind active too.

### Rabbits will ease your daily stress instantly
As soon as you look into your rabbit’s eyes, you will feel an instant calmness. Getting home from a bad day at work, you just need to sit alone with your rabbit for a few minutes. Just sitting observing them & their gentle ways will make all your daily stress slip away.

### Rabbits will make you look super healthy
When it comes to doing your weekly shop, you will find your trolley full of lovely healthy greens, such as kale, spring greens, some fresh herbs and lovely leafy romaine lettuce. You will find yourself buying only the best and you won’t mind celery full of leaves and broccoli with lots of stem on it. People will be admiring your super healthy diet, as you go through checkout. You don’t have to tell them you have rabbits. We don’t!

### Rabbits can live just like a dog or cat does
Rabbits living in the house with you, is becoming very popular and is a great way to enjoy your rabbit’s company. House rabbits are very similar to dogs and cats, they are easy to litter train, they love comfort and will have a favourite spot to sit. They love to be fussed and will sit for hours next to you, demanding those all important head rubs. Before long they will become your best buddy and be sitting watching TV with you & basically taking control of your home!

### Rabbits are fairly quiet
Not completely quiet, oh no! But quiet in the way of they don’t make loud vocal noises. They will however grunt at you from time to time, if you get on their nerves. They will also make noise with their toys also. You will be surprised how much noise they can make from a toy, very creative! Usually it’s early hours, but this is just their way of letting you know the day has started & they don’t want you to waste it (how thoughtful!). It is also their way of making sure you are not late with their breakfast!

### Rabbits are great therapists (just a bit fluffier)
Rabbits are extremely therapeutic, so much so that they are getting more and more popular in becoming therapy pets visiting people in nursing homes & bringing them great joy. Rabbits are very gentle & angelic. They make great listeners too, why else would they have those ears!

### If a rabbit sounds like an ideal pet for you, please always *ADOPT DON’T SHOP*
To find out more about adopting a rabbit & where your nearest rescue/shelter is, please [click here](https://best4bunny.com/buying-bunny-adopt-adopt-adopt-never-shop/)

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