##1. Bunnies have good & bad moods.
You can usually tell from their faces & the looks they give you. For bad moods they may stomp their back leg once to let you know they are annoyed and some bunnies will gladly grunt at you too. For good moods it’s all about the binkies and running about full speed in different directions, very funny to see!

##2. Bunnies will throw a strop if they don’t get their own way.
And when they throw a strop they usually throw things with it! Beware of their toys being launched into the air. Also, don’t ever leave anything in their way like your shoes for example, bunnies will never go round them, they will always make every effort to move them out of their way.

##3. Bunnies can ignore you & give you the silent treatment.
Usually this happens when they are refused another treat or when you return from a visit to the vets. You definitely will get the impression your bunny is ignoring you.

##4. Bunnies can become bored if they have nothing to do.
Their minds need to be kept stimulated to avoid boredom. Bunnies love toys and they love investigating, so keep their homes interesting and fun for them with lots of toys and things to do.

##5. Bunnies love their comfy beds.
They really do love their soft comfortable furnishings. It could be just a plain rug or it could be a luxury cushioned pet bed or even your bed! Duvets are a real favourite too.

##6. Bunnies can be very cheeky and don’t always play by the rules.
They do definitely have a cheeky side to their personalities and it always appears when you are not expecting it. Usually they will act in this way when you are running late for work or an appointment.

##7. Bunnies love relaxing and chilling out.
The more relaxed and chilled out your bunny, the healthier they will be. Stress is not good for your bunnies health. House rabbits will quite happily stretch out and enjoy an evening with you in front of the TV.

##8. Bunnies hate to be alone, they can get depressed & feel very lonely.
Rabbits love company and are extremely sociable, which is why they should never be kept alone in an isolated hutch outside.

##9. Bunnies love to have their own space.
Although they love company, just like us, they need to take time out every now and then and it is important to provide an area where they can do this. Let them have an area they can go to if they want to be left alone.

##10. Bunnies love affection.
They really do love their nose rubs and head massages and will do everything they can to get your attention. Usually it is a gentle nudge or they will push their heads underneath your hand & lay flat on the floor and not move. How can you refuse a bunny asking for affection.

##11. Bunnies are very protective about their homes.
They will need to know what you are doing in their home at all times. They also won’t appreciate you cleaning up after they have just rearranged their home to how they like it to look.

##12. Bunnies love to let you know they are in charge
Just don’t argue with them, you will lose!