##1. Rabbits can ignore you for long periods if they are not happy with you.
Rabbits really can sulk & ignore you. You will know when they are giving you the cold shoulder. Usually they turn away from you & you just see the back of their head for a while.

##2. Rabbits have bad moods & can stomp their feet when annoyed.
One thump of their back feet can mean they are not impressed & you may even here them grunt at you.

##3. Rabbits can become bored if they have nothing to do.
It’s so important to keep them entertained & provide lots of toys & fun play areas to keep their minds active.

##4. Rabbits love company & get depressed if left on their own with no one to socialise with.
Rabbits are very sociable animals & should ideally be kept in pairs. They really do love company & can get very depressed if left alone for long periods of time.

##5. Their health will really suffer if they do not have a healthy balanced diet every day.
Rabbits need a healthy balanced diet of 80% fresh hay, 10% good quality pellets & 10% vegetables & fresh water too.

##6. Rabbits can become obese if they eat too many foods with sugar in.
Carrots are high in sugar & fruit also & both should be fed in small pieces as a treat only. If you feed too many to your bunnies, they can become overweight & their teeth can suffer too.

##7. Their health will suffer if they do not exercise.
Rabbits need a lot of exercise daily to remain fit & healthy. So give them large spacious homes & allow them lots of space to exercise in too.

##8. Rabbits love to have their own space & feel safe.
Rabbits need to have an area they know is their own and this needs to provide peace & quiet & somewhere for them to feel safe.

##9. Rabbits like to keep themselves clean.
Rabbits clean themselves on a very regular basis every day, but you do need to help also. Brushing them regularly will keep their fur in good condition & giving them a regular health check will help keep them in tip top condition.

##10. Rabbits love comfort.
They really do love a nice cosy bedroom to sleep in, whether it be an area full of dry straw & hay, or a fancy pet bed, or even a blanket or duvet.

##11. Rabbits need their teeth checked on a regular basis!
Because rabbits teeth continue to grow, they can cause them lots of health problems, so it is a good idea to have them checked by a vet on a regular basis. Providing good quality hay for them to graze on, & plenty of rabbit friendly chew toys will help keep their teeth from overgrowing.

##12. Rabbits are very loyal.
Once a rabbit learns to trust you, they will become your best friend forever. The best thing you can do for them is be their best friend back & always be there for them, like they will you!