Find out if you are a proper bunny mummy (or dad) in this second list detailed below. Can you relate to them all?


**1. You only buy your bunnies the very best quality vegetables. If they are not in top condition you find yourself complaining on behalf of your bunnies. Or you find yourself searching for the hidden boxes of new fresher vegetables in supermarkets while no one is looking!**

2.You confiscate your bunnies toys that they are making noise with during the early hours, only to feel very mean & guilty, so you end up giving them straight back & putting ear plugs in instead!

**3. If rain is forecast, you check the hourly weather report to work out when they could possibly have some exercise time. You feel so incredibly sad if it is raining all day & your bunnies can’t go out to play.**

4.When you are away on holiday you always seem to look at your watch when it’s the bunnies feeding time & feel so guilty that you are not there. You give the bunny sitter an exact time your bunnies are fed & hope it’s not a second later.

**5. When you get home from your holidays, you apologise to your bunnies for leaving them and promise them that you will never go away again**

6.When viewing houses to buy, you look for where the bunnies will live in the new house & check it is suitable for them first, before considering what you need!

**7. You have the most ridiculous outfit that you wear when mucking out your bunnies & you don’t care what you look like. Being practical and comfortable is key!**

8.You really hate people using the phrases ‘Like a rabbit caught in the headlights’ & ‘Bunny boiler’ & ‘To pull a rabbit out of a hat’

**9. You & everyone else in the house creeps around on tip toes and whispers when your bunny is sleeping.**

10.You get upset and feel very neglected if your bunnies choose to be in a different room to you.

**11.You pick dandelions from your neighbours front garden when they are out.**

12.Your bunny gets fed up with the amount of kisses you give them!

##**Congratulations you are 100% a Bunny Mummy (or dad)**

All of the above confirm you are a proper Bunny Mummy (or dad) and lets face it, that is how we should be. Our bunnies are so important to us. They are part of our families and that’s why we choose to share our lives with them.

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