## Rabbits will keep your mind active
Rabbits are highly intelligent – they need their own minds kept active with plenty of toys and a great set up for them to live in to keep them entertained and that will of course keep your mind active thinking up ways to do this!

## Rabbits will relax you
Rabbits love snuggling up to you as they are real softies and love to be fussed for hours. There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up to your bunnies after a hard days work!

## Rabbits will make you laugh
So many of their daily actions can be hilarious and will make you laugh and smile. Especially so when they want to let you know they are happy or that they are annoyed with you!

## Rabbits will educate you
Every day is different and you will learn something new just by watching your bunnies behaviour.

## Rabbits will teach you to share
These little ones will gladly take over your bed or comfy chair, but they will be considerate and leave a tiny little space for you too!

## Rabbits will play little tricks on you & test your patience
You will have good and bad days and it’s all for testing your patience. They love to give you the runaround once in a while and you can’t help but laugh!

## Rabbits are fantastic company for you
Once you have a rabbit as part of your family you will never want to be without them. They make a great addition to any family as they are so full of character. They all have big ears and even bigger hearts!

## Rabbits are stress relievers
Just by watching them sleep or groom themselves really is very calming and so relaxing to watch, try it!

## Rabbits will teach you about time keeping
Rabbits are so good at time keeping you would think they have watches! Never dare to be late for feeding time, they will keep you on your toes and will let you know if you are late!

## Rabbits will keep you alert & active
5am starts every day (for your bunnies, not necessarily you) and plenty of active work to keep them happy & healthy, which is a good thing for your health!

## Rabbits teach you their cute language
Learning another language is good for your mind. Nudging you, begging for food, even grunting at you when they are annoyed is cute and you can’t help but feel special that this little one is communicating with you!

## Rabbits are therapeutic and comforting
The best way to forget all your troubles is to lay next to your bunny and have a lovely cuddle & stare into their beautiful eyes. Sometimes it’s like they know how they are helping you and will lay next to you for as long as you need them to.

## Rabbits will become your best friend
Best friends are good for you as no matter what, they will always be there for you. Someone said rabbits are little angels and their wings become their ears. Always there to look out for you!

## Rabbits will teach you about unconditional love
And that can only be a good thing!