1. You totally understand that every bunny has their own unique personality.

2. You totally understand why rabbits are called ‘Angels in disguise’

3. The only way you’ll be okay with pet shops, is if you can take all the rabbits they are selling and run.

4. You wish you could adopt every rabbit out there, because every bunny deserves a loving home.

5. It breaks your heart to hear & see just how many rabbits there are in animal shelters.

6. Your friends know that adorable bunny videos & pictures are the only way to cheer you up.

7. It’s so important to you that your rabbits know you love them.

8. On a typical day, you smile more at your bunnies than you do at people.

9. Your conversations with your bunnies last longer than talking to humans.

10. You have such a hard time leaving your rabbits, even when it’s just going to work for the day.

11. You need your daily dose of adorable bunnies, so you follow hundreds of bunny pages on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram and feel no shame.

12. You judge a person by the way they talk about animals, especially bunnies.

13. The second you hear someone has bunnies, you want pictures and to know all about them.

14. You will never understand those that abandon their rabbit.

15. You would never form a friendship with someone that dislikes bunnies, or calls them boring.

16. All you can give is your sympathy, to those who don’t understand the love of bunnies.

17. You will always have bunnies in your life, even when you’re old & grey.

18. Your love for rabbits will always remain the same, till the end of time!If you find all the above to be true, then congratulations, you’re a true bunny lover!

Also, congratulate yourself for being a helping cause to bunnies. We need more people like you!

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