Having any furry four-legged friend become part of your life & family will change you forever & it’s always for the better! But beware… you will also find you start doing some very funny things on a daily basis that you never used to do. Here are 19 hilarious things bunny lovers do. How many can you relate to?

### 1.You immediately start talking about your bunny when work colleagues talk about their children. You can easily relate to most things they say about their children, with all those bunny tantrums and their cheekiness!

### 2.You beg your local pet shop to please keep well stocked up on your bunny’s favourite treats, as the thought of them running out of stock is just too unbearable to think about!

### 3.You have no idea how much you spend on your bunny (you don’t care) but you know your bunny’s toys & accessories are probably worth more than your own wardrobe!

### 4.You go straight to the vegetable section when food shopping & if it’s not good enough quality for your bunnies, you leave & go to the next supermarket!

### 5.You need a calendar reminder for your friends’ birthdays, but you don’t have any trouble remembering your bunny’s birthday!

### 6.Your social life can never clash with your rabbit’s dinner time, exercise time and treats before bedtime schedules!

### 7.You would never watch someone sleep as it’s a little creepy, but you could spend hours watching your bunny sleep!

### 8.Your house bunny’s home starts off in one room of the house, but as the weeks pass, more and more rooms in the house start to have your bunny’s stuff in. Before you partner can say ‘What’s going on?’ your bunny’s stuff is in every room of the house & you even move your furniture around to make way for it all!

### 9.Your garden becomes your bunny’s playground with tunnels and obstacles taking over everywhere & you are perfectly happy to just have a tiny seating area in one small corner of the garden to sit & watch them!

### 10.When gardening, you do the reverse of what all gardeners do & leave most of the weeds to grow. You get so excited when you see dandelions & milk thistle!

### 11.You buy an estate car, just so you can fit bales of hay in the back of the car!

### 12.You mention to your partner that you need to go and get a bale of hay from the local farm, just after he has finished vacuuming the car out!

### 13.Bits of hay become part of the furnishings in your home!

### 14.You regularly find bits of hay in your hair & your underwear too!

### 15.You become totally obsessed with checking the weather report every day, just so you can make sure it’s not raining when it’s your bunny’s exercise time!

### 16.If the weather is bad and exercise time is cancelled, you quickly make some home-made toys for you bunny, so they are not left disappointed!

### 17.Your phone & computer are clogged up with many more pictures & videos of your bunnies, than family & you can’t bring yourself to delete any, not even the bad ones!

### 18.Friends, family & work colleagues give you carrot tops, outer cabbage leaves and their old newspapers and it feels like Christmas to you!

### 19.If your bunny shows a dislike to the date you brought home or to a friend, you refuse to invite them back to your home. No questions asked!

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