When you love bunnies as much as we do, you may find that you can easily relate to most of the following.

**1.You talk to your rabbits more than you talk to friends & family.**

2.You are not joking when you say you prefer your rabbits’ company over people’s.

**3.You often turn up to work with hay in your hair.**

4.You don’t care that your clothes are full of your bunnies fur.

**5.When you vacuum the house, bits of hay always appears seconds later, but it never bothers you.**

6.You get extremely offended when someone messes up the gender of your rabbit & worse if they call them an ‘it’.

**7.You get extremely upset if someone forgets the name of your rabbit, especially if it is a member of your family that forgets!**

8.If you are at a party & they have rabbits, you choose to spend most of the time keeping them company.

**9.Your interest in rabbits started at a young age and has never gone away.**

10.It breaks your heart to see a rabbit in need and you can’t adopt them.

**11.You don’t think twice to donating or sponsoring them instead.**

12.You admire people that leave all their life savings in their wills to animal charities and you would do the same.

**13.If a celebrity wins money for charity on a TV quiz show and they choose an animal charity, you instantly like that celebrity.**

14.If you could, you would give up your job tomorrow, to become a volunteer at a rescue every day.

**15.You wish you could win the lottery so you can help the rescues.**

16.You will never understand how anyone can dislike a rabbit.

**17.You instantly dislike anyone that dislikes rabbits.**

18.You get so excited when you see baby wild rabbits playing together.

**19.You say ‘Binky free little one’ when you see a wild rabbit that has been killed by a car.**

20.You turn off cookery programmes that use rabbit in the recipe.

**21.You can never have enough home decor related to rabbits.**

22.When you nip to the pet shop for one item, you always come away with so much more than you needed.

**23.You have a secret stash of rabbit treats, as you have a fear of running out of them.**

24.No matter what else changes in your life, you know that rabbits will always be a part of it, until the day you die.

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