The following comments are from real bunny mums (& dads) that were posted on our facebook page. These comments describe just how fantastic rabbits are & what remarkable personalities they all have. We hope that this blog will highlight to others that rabbits are far from boring and that they do not belong locked up in a cage.


##Bunnies have great personalities!

* Bunnies are funny, loving, cuddly, brilliant, underestimated and a pain in the butt too!

* I had never considered having rabbits as pets. Now I wouldn’t be without them!

* Bunnies certainly are extraordinary! AND smart! AND affectionate! And emotionally complex! AND they smell good too!

* I had a pet bunny for almost 10 years. He was full of personality!

* They really are like children and will go in areas they know are not ok. My bun and I have a nightly ‘routine’. She runs into the kitchen, I hear her and say ‘Poppy’, she doesn’t move, ‘Poppyyyyy’, then I hear the return run into the living room, with a look like “what, I wasn’t doing anything, nothing happened” So funny!!

* I get a nudge or even a nip if I do not move fast enough or get out of their way!

* We have 2 rabbits an love them so much!! They both have very different personalities. We call one ‘Wild man’ as you just never know what he’s going to do next. He flies around the house. I have to say, we got very blessed with our adorable rabbits!!

* Bunnies definitely do have lots of little tricks to test your patience!

* Mine where not bored at 5am this morning chucking there toy’s around and waking me up!

* My bunny plays peek-a-boo.

* I sometimes get a lick on my nose from my bunnies. I let them ‘groom’ my hair for sign of them all!

* My rabbits are always ‘pretending’ to sleep, until my feet move, then they are up and about waiting for some veggies.

##Bunnies love routine, especially when it comes to food!

* So true!! If ever I’m late they growl at me!

* My bunnies are waiting at 5am for their treats!

* My rabbits sit at the door waiting for me at 4:30 every morning whether weekday or weekend.

* My rabbits wake me up at 5am without fail. Good job I love them!!

* My bunnies are there waiting – you’re in trouble if you’ve had an extra 5 mins snooze!

* Mine definitely know when its feeding time!

* My bunny waits at the top of the stairs at 10pm every night for me to come up with his parsley. If I take too long he comes down to the kitchen to see where I’ve got to!

* My buns are waiting for me to feed them kale for breakfast and if I’m not quick, they let me know!

* Our buns are always sitting waiting for mommy to feed them.

* Heaven forbid if I’m late at “Snack O’Clock”….

##Bunnies love re-arranging their homes!

* I can hear mine doing their ‘housework’ when I go to bed…. Never know quite how my kitchen will look when I come down in the morning!

* I never clear up my sitting room any more. I let my rabbit do it!

* I came home to my rabbit’s litter box in a completely different spot. I love them!

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