Yet more comments from real bunny mums (& dads) that were posted on our facebook page. These comments really describe just how fantastic rabbits are & what remarkable personalities they all have. We hope that this blog will highlight to others that rabbits are far from boring and that they do not belong locked up in a cage.


##Bunnies have funny eating habits!

* One of our buns will run about here, there and everywhere with a piece of cabbage in her mouth like she has just won it.

* We have a bunny that seems to zonk out once he has eaten and has been seen asleep with his head resting on the food bowl a few times.

* One of mine lays down while helping himself to his nuggets and the other rests his paws on the edge of the bowl while chewing proudly and sitting up tall like a sir!

* My senior rabbit gets very excited when he senses banana near and runs around with it until he finds just the right place to settle and scoff!

* Mine runs at my legs, runs away, runs back again.

* Two of my bunnies take a piece of food from my hand then very deliberately turn their back on me and repeat this process…like they are saying ‘ok we will eat from you if we have to!’

* My bunny used to have a habit of scratching everything before he ate it. Now he will position himself in front of his pellet bowl so he can lay down and chomp on his pellets without having to stand up. So lazy!

* My rabbit will sometimes run around with parsley or hay in his mouth until he finds a good spot to chew it and then returns for more & retreats back to the same spot to eat it.

* My bonded pair will share a piece of greens and eat it from opposite ends. Both will lie next to the dish, casually munching on their food.

* My bunny will keep a toy in her food bowl and take it out to eat and then when she is done she will put it right back .

* My pair chase each other in circles whenever they hear the crinkle of the food bag. Literally- in circles. I don’ t know how they don’t get dizzy they go so fast!

* My bunny throws away the bowl and eats from the floor

* I never knew my rabbit liked bananas until he found the shopping bag!

* My buns get fresh organic veg delivered every week, so they always know what day they get a new selection of things and are patiently waiting early in the morning for their breakfast. If I’m a little late on a Thursday I get given some big disgruntled looks.

* I sit on the floor & my boys put their paws on my knee, waiting for carrot tops. They are very cute.

##Disapproving bunnies – usually treat related!

* My bunnies pull faces like they are saying… “Treats, hoomin? Did you forget to bring the treats? Do I have to reprimand you yet again? I disapprove of you coming to see me, or even looking in my direction, without the necessary offering of treats!”

* I get disapproving looks from one of my buns and they are very definitely treat related.

* Mine sit at the side of my bed on the floor, begging for more treats. They look so cute but have to be strong if we want healthy buns!

* Oh the bunny shun! There is nothing worse. You know you are in trouble when your bunny is ignoring you.

* The looks from our bunnies mean… “Didn’t you forget something? Like bringing with you some treats? Now return to the kitchen, get the goodies and then you may come back here”

##Becoming a slave to fuss time

* I sometimes need to be an octopus as I have five sweeties that love a fuss, usually all at the same time!!

* My bunny is so affectionate, once you start he won’t ever let you stop patting him! He moves after you stop…. But waits quite a while first before he does move!!! He’s so adorable and loving!

* I love getting the nudge.

* My rabbit loves being stroked & if you stop she just sits there waiting for you to continue. She gives kisses as well xxx

* With our bunny we’re totally under the thumb!!

* I’m definitely a slave to my bunny!

**And we leave you with one of the most beautiful comments we have ever received & it really sums up how special bunnies are to us proper bunny mums (and dads)…**

* My old boy is on borrowed time… And we love nothing more than to cuddle for a long time. Now days he just rests in my arms. One day I won’t have that opportunity so I make the most of it!

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