Rabbits make such wonderful companions and sadly there are so many homeless bunnies in rescues right now, waiting for a loving forever home. If you’re ready to bring a new rabbit into your family home, please read our reasons why it makes perfect sense to adopt & never shop!


Abandoned rabbits need a home more than pet shops or breeders need your money!

Some rabbits in rescues have been waiting for a home for up to 2 years (some even longer). When these rescue bunnies are given a new home, you can really see from their behaviour just how grateful they are and it’s such a beautiful thing to see. So much better to see this, than to see someone hand their money over to a pet shop or breeder.

You can’t beat the warm fuzzy feel-good factor

You get an amazing feeling that comes with saving an abandoned rabbit. That’s because you are giving a homeless animal a home and setting a wonderful example to others and that will give you an enormous sense of well-being.

You will make a bunny happy again

Sadly most rescue rabbits have had a miserable or disturbing experience in their life before coming to the rescue and it can sometimes show in their confidence and personalities. Rescues are able to help these animals overcome their fears and gain back their confidence and you can help them even further by giving them the life and love they really deserve.



Your not helping one or two bunnies, your helping two or three!

By rehoming a rabbit or a pair of rabbits from a rescue, you are creating space in the rescue for more rabbits that are in need of being rescued. Sadly, most rescues are over run at the moment. The more of us that adopt, the more spaces will become available to help other bunnies.

It’s cost effective for you to adopt

Rabbits at rescues are health checked, vaccinated and neutered/spayed. You just have to donate an adoption fee to help the rescue cover costs.


Rescues really know their bunnies

Rescues will know the personality & character of their rabbits and this will help you find the perfect bunnies to match your family home and lifestyle. You won’t get that service in a pet shop!

Rescue bunnies have been well looked after

Rescues will really look after their bunnies to make sure they are in the best of health. They will also be able to educate you on any special requirements your bunny may need.  Sadly, with some bunnies sold in pet shops, they can have lmany health issues, due to them being taken away from their mothers when they are far too young.


Rescues have beautiful & amazing bunnies

Rescues have the most amazing bunnies – all ages and sizes and all full of character, they will have adorable bonded pairs, too. Rabbits need company and there is nothing cuter than watching two bunnies groom & cuddle each other. If you have a single bunny and you want to find them a friend, then most rescues will offer a service to help find the perfect partner for your bunny and some may be able to bond them for you.

No chance of accidental litters

Rescues will know the correct sex of their bunnies, plus they will be neutered/spayed, so no risk of your bunnies getting pregnant.  Pet shop bunnies are not neutered/spayed and most staff in pet shops don’t know how to tell the correct sex of a rabbit – this then results in accidental litters.

Rescues will educate you properly

Rescue workers are extremely knowledgeable about their animals and will be able to give you all the information you need on looking after rabbits and will be full of useful tips too. They will also be there for you when you need to ask questions in the future.

You will help a rescue carry on doing their incredible work

When you purchase a bunny from a rescue you make a donation to them to help cover costs they have spent on your bunny and this then helps that rescue to go on and rescue more rabbits – Perfect!

You will help to stop bunnies being sold in pet shops

Think about who people are helping, when they buy a bunny from a pet shop… People who care more about money, than the welfare of the bunnies! If bunnies were no longer sold in pet shops, we would see the number of abandoned rabbits reduce. It would be great to have pet shops work with the rescues, rather than breeders.

All of the above reasons make perfect sense why you should always adopt a bunny & not buy from a pet shop or breeder. It’s so much more rewardable in so many ways! Help spread the word to always ADOPT, ADOPT, ADOPT & never SHOP!