Buying pet rabbits is a huge commitment and therefore needs to be a big decision for you to think about sensibly beforehand, as there are many important factors you need to know. Rabbits are not easy pets to look after and do not make ideal pets for small children. You really do need to take so much into consideration. Listed below are 4 things you should never do when you are thinking of purchasing bunnies.

##Never buy on impulse

* Take time to decide if pet rabbits are right for you and your family.

* Make sure you and everyone in your family are all educated on how to look after rabbits.

* Make sure you know how much space, time and money is needed to commit to rabbits.

* Do you really have all the space, time and money to commit to rabbits.

* Volunteer at a local rabbit rescue beforehand and you will learn so much about rabbits. You will also see lots of adorable rabbits waiting for their forever homes.

##Never buy a rabbit for young children

* Rabbits are not easy pets to look after and definitely do not make ideal pets for young children.

* Rabbits do not like being picked up as they are prey animals and feel threatened once removed from the floor. Rabbits are likely to bite and scratch when they feel threatened.

* Rabbits take just as much time & responsibility as owning a dog does.

* Never leave the responsibility of looking after rabbits just to your child. You wouldn’t buy a dog for your child and refuse to get involved, so please don’t think differently because it’s a rabbit!

* Rabbits should always be thought of as part of your family – the same as any other pet. If you don’t think like that then you should not be purchasing a pet.

##Never buy at Christmas, Easter or even during School holidays

* You are much better off buying at a weekend when your life or your families life is normal and you are living it at a normal pace.

* You are likely to be very busy and stressed at Christmas and Easter and also there may be lots of visitors to your house which could cause lots of stress for new rabbits.

* You may be spending lots of time away from your own house so your bunnies are then left on their own in their strange new home they have just arrived in. That is definitely not an ideal way to start life with your new additions.

* School holidays are also a bad time to buy rabbits. You may think it’s a good time as you have lots of extra free time, but once back at school people find they are just too busy to look after the rabbits, with all the rushing about in the mornings to get the school run done on time etc.

* **Please never ever buy them at Christmas, Easter or school holidays** as this is when many rabbits end up being abandoned!

##Never buy a rabbit from a pet shop or breeder – **ALWAYS ADOPT!**

* Please always visit a rescue to purchase rabbits. Never go to a breeder or a pet shop, as they do not offer the same service and advice that wonderful rescues are able to offer.

* Rescues will give you so much valuable advice and time and will also be able to help find the ideal bunnies for your home set up.

* They will have lots of beautiful bunnies that are desperately waiting for a forever home. Lots of rescues have bunnies from all ages – young buns to more mature bunnies that have so much character!

* Rescues offer bunnies that are health checked, spayed/neutered and they will have bonded pairs of bunnies too

* You will be able to take your bunnies back to the rescue for health checks etc & ask them for advice when needed.

* By adopting a rescue bunny, you also help to free up a space for another rescue bunny.

###Please do your homework & educate yourself, before bringing a rabbit into your life.

**The following are genuine ads & pathetic excuses made by people that clearly didn’t educate themselves first, before buying a bunny and have then decided a bunny is not for them after all.**

* Romeo is six years old, we have had him 7 months. My daughter has no time as she has started secondary school. She would like him to go to a good home with his hutch which we bought at xmas

* I have a rabbit that I would like to sell for $1. Can’t tell you much about it, but we have had it a little while. Not super friendly, but don’t handle him anyway.

* Free bunny. Nothing wrong with him, I have just become too busy to keep up with him.

* I am selling two rabbits. They are my kids pets and they haven’t been doing anything ‘extra’ with them lately, so I want them gone.

###Did you know…

* Rabbits can live up to 10 years and more

* Rabbits are sociable animals and love company. They are much better when they live in pairs, both neutered/spayed and bonded properly. If you cannot consider two rabbits, then it would be best that the rabbit lives with you as a house rabbit, so they enjoy your company and are not all alone out in the garden.

* Rabbits are prey animals and hate to be picked up. It is much better to fuss them whilst you are sitting on the floor and they are sitting next to you.

* Rabbits need lots of space. Their home will need to be **at least** 6ft by 3ft by 3ft and they will need an additional exercise area of 8ft by 4ft by 3ft.

* All rabbits need to be neutered/spayed to keep them happy, calm & healthy. It’s not just about stopping them having babies. Even if you have one rabbit or two males or two females living together, it is always in the best interests of the rabbit to get them spayed/neutered asap.

##To find out more information on looking after rabbits properly visit [Bunny care](