Here we have listed a simple daily routine to show what caring for bunnies in 24 hours should be like. By providing your bunny with everything they need, will ensure your bunny has a happy healthy life.


##Morning time…
Provide your bunny with Fresh water, 10% Pellets, 10% Vegetables & 80% hay – they can never have too much hay!

Bunnies love treats, but make sure you don’t over do it. Two treats a day morning & evening is usually enough. If shop bought treats – make sure they are healthy ones (check the ingredients). Carrots should be fed in small quantities only, so a piece the size of a coin makes a great treat. Fruit also makes a great treat, but this too should be fed in small quantities only.

Keep their accommodation in tip top condition, this not only helps to deter flies but it will keep your bunny happy too as they are very clean animals. Have certain days of the week when it is a complete clean out day, from top to bottom. On the other days, use them as quick clean up days – sweep up, refresh bedding areas, clean up any heavily soiled areas & give mats and beds a quick shake.

Always check they are eating & that there is no difference in their behaviour. If they don’t seem themselves, they may be ill. Observe them very closely and if you are unsure of anything, contact your vet.
Give them a quick health check – always check they are nice and clean around their bottoms and give them a quick brush whilst your checking them.

###Exercise time
Even if your bunny has a huge enclosure, you should still give them supervised exercise time in an area different to their home. Bunnies love to investigate new areas & this will entertain them & keep their minds active. Puppy pens come in very handy at creating new temporary exercise areas. You can also change their accommodation around or swap toys to keep them equally entertained.

###Fuss time
Bunnies love to be fussed and love company so make sure you have plenty of fuss times planned with your bunnies. If you have a bunny that is not confident in being fussed and prefers to keep their distance, then just sit and talk to them, they will love this just as much and it will build up their confidence towards you too.

##Day time
Allow your bunny to have a quiet area where they can stretch out and have a nice long sleep. Bunnies are most active morning and evening, so don’t disturb them too much during the day, this is their time to snooze.

##Evening time
###Feeding time again
Some people split the pellets & vegetables so they are able to have them morning and evening time too. Some people just give their bunnies vegetables in the morning and pellets at night. There is no right or wrong way, do what suits your bunny best, but always provide them with unlimited fresh hay & fresh water.

###Exercise time again
A bunny can never have too much exercise & they will never get bored of investigating.

###Cleaning time again
Check if they need a quick sweep up. If you won’t lay down in their accommodation, don’t expect your bunny too!

###Observing time again
Always check they are eating, we cannot express this enough.

###Fuss time again
Rabbits love company, not just from other rabbits, but from you too.

###Top up their hay last thing at night
5am is when bunnies usually start grazing on their hay, so topping it up last thing at night provides them with all the hay they need in the morning while your still asleep. This helps to encourage hay eating also as while they are waiting for breakfast, they are very likely to graze on their hay while they wait.

**Follow this simple daily routine and you will have some very happy, healthy bunnies.**