### 1: Overfeeding pellets

Feeding too many pellets can cause rabbits to become overweight and can cause problems with their digestion. One eggcup full per day will be enough for an average size bunny. Increase this a little through winter or when rabbits need to gain weight. They will beg for more, but don’t give in!

### 2: Feeding muesli type dried food

Rabbits will pick out the bits they like and leave other bits which means they are not getting all the right nutrients and that will lead to lots of health problems. A pellet only dried food that consists of at least 18% fibre is a much healthier option.

### 3: Feeding too many carrots

Carrots are high in sugar and can cause lots of health problems for rabbits when fed too many. Feed a small piece of carrot (the size of a coin) as a daily treat only.

### 4: Feeding too much fruit

Feed fruit to rabbits as a treat only. Bunnies with very sensitive stomachs should avoided fruit altogether.

### 5: Not supplying enough fresh hay

Ideally rabbits need to eat an amount equivalent to their body size everyday. Keep hay racks stacked up with fresh meadow hay as they can never eat enough!


### 6: Supplying too much rich hay

Readigrass or alfalfa hay are very rich hays. These types of hay & some grass hays could upset a bunnies stomach, especially if they have sensitive stomachs and are prone to suffering from excessive caecals. Always best to provide lots of Meadow and Timothy hay and feed readigrass as a much smaller amount. Alfalfa hay should only really be given to baby bunnies or to elderly bunnies that need to gain weight.

### 7: Buying them unhealthy rabbit treats

Always buy rabbits the natural healthy treats. Check the ingredients of shop bought treats. The colours of treats will also give away whether it is natural or not – the brighter the colours the less natural it is likely to be. There are now lots of good natural treats for rabbits available, hopefully they will soon take over the shelf space from the treats that are no good.

### 8: Keeping your bunny awake

Bunnies are most active at dawn and at dusk. During the day is when they become a lot more laid back and quiet & this is when they do most of their sleeping. So try not to disturb your bunny throughout the day when they really need to be resting.


### 9: Not grooming your bunny

Don’t think you only need to brush your bunny when they are moulting. You need to brush your bunny all year round and always increase the brushing when they are moulting. This applies to short haired bunnies aswell as long haired. And don’t forget to brush underneath them and the bottom of their feet too to prevent matting.

### 10: Not health checking bunnies

Don’t just leave it up to your vet to check your rabbits when you take them in for their vaccinations. Always check your rabbit’s ears, eyes, and bottoms are clean and check if their nails are too long. Check there is no wet fur around their mouths and check their fur is clean of mites and check they don’t have any lumps or bumps.


If you are not confident about any part of the health check then contact your vet and you may find they do free health checks or a nurse will be only to happy to help you and offer advice.

For more advice on caring for your rabbit visit Bunny care