Bunnies love toys, they love treats and they love throwing things about! So what could be better than creating some fun toys, that have hidden treats in, for your rabbit to throw about? Anyone can make these rabbit toys, no skills required! They are extremely easy, quick & inexpensive too!

##A few important things to remember!
Always limit the treats! Never over feed your rabbit too many treats at once, as rabbits have sensitive stomachs. All treats in these toys have been cut or broken up into small pieces, to ensure the rabbits do not have too many treats at once.

Please use foods/treats your rabbit is used to. If you do try any new treats, please remember to introduce them slowly to your rabbits diet, to avoid upsetting their stomach.

You should always limit carrots & fruit to small pieces only, as they are high in sugar & can cause many health issues with rabbits, if fed in large amounts.

Natural healthy treats are always best for bunnies. Check the ingredients if you are unsure.

If using fresh foods within the toys, they need to be consumed within 24 hours.

If your rabbit is one to digest the cardboard or brown paper instead of play with it, then remove it once the treats have been found.