We probably tell our bunnies all the time how much we love them but here are 11 ways you can show how much you care! When it comes to showing your rabbit that you care, try these suggestions that will not only make your rabbits happy but will help them to stay healthy and become confident too!

1. Know everything about them

All rabbits have amazing personalities. Spending time with them is the best way to get to know them & for them to get to know you too. Once you get to know all about their character and their cute funny ways, you will be able to tell what is normal behaviour and what is not & that will help you spot very quickly when they may be ill.

2. Add the fun factor to their day

Rabbits need exercise & lots of it. So show your rabbit you care by giving them your time, morning and evening, for their ‘special’ exercise time. Yes, they should have a home that is already spacious enough for them to run around in, but rabbits love to investigate new areas beyond their home. Create a fun playground area for them, whether they are indoors or outdoors, and watch them have lots of fun. It will be something they look forward to each day.

3. Never let them get lonely.

Did you know a lonely rabbit can become depressed! Rabbits hate to be alone & love company so much. So show you care by getting your bunny a partner. Both rabbits will need to be neutered/spayed and properly bonded. Many rabbit rescues offer services for bonding bunnies. If you are unable to have more than one rabbit, then have your rabbit live as a house rabbit! This way they have you & your family as company, so they are not spending lots of time alone outside.

4. Fuss over them

Many rabbits love to be fussed & will sit very still with their head flat to the floor, for a very long time, while you fuss them. Head rubs, nose rubs & chin rubs are favourite, but every bunny is different and they will soon let you know what they love the best. Be prepared for an aching arm or two!

5. Create a food diary

There is lots of information out there on what to feed rabbits, but every rabbit is different when it comes to their diet. Some rabbits have more of a sensitive stomach to other rabbits. Keep a food diary each day for what you feed your rabbit, even including the type of hays & make a note of whether your rabbit’s droppings were normal or not. Always introduce new foods slowly as it is very easy to upset a rabbits stomach (sensitive or not).


6. Nurture their natural

Encouraging natural behaviour in rabbits is beneficial to their health in so many ways. Create dig boxes for them to have fun in. Create hidden tunnel areas to resemble burrows and scatter their food about their home a little, rather than placing it in one place, to encourage foraging.

7. Keep them calm

Rabbits hate to get stressed and it can effect their health. They can also pick up when you are stressed too. Taking them to the vets can be very stressful for them. Place some of their hay or a blanket, from their home, inside the pet carrier so they have a scent that they are familiar with and this will help calm them. You could also use a little Pet remedy calming spray to help keep them calm.

8. Pamper them silly

Don’t just pamper them with toys and comfy beds in their home. Pamper them by carrying out regular health checks. Regular brushing, checking their nails, eyes & ears are just a few things you can do when health checking your rabbit. Also, having your own little first aid kit is a great idea.

9. Keep them safe

Indoors or outdoors rabbits need to be kept safe and the safer they feel the happier and more confident they will be. Make sure their outdoor home is properly predator proof and secure and indoors make sure all hazards are well out of reach. Always provide an area they can cal their own and provide hideouts in this area so if they ever get spooked they have a place to go and hide in where they will feel safe.

10. Keep to a routine

Rabbits love a routine and will thank you for keeping to it. Knowing their routine and keeping to it will keep them very happy and relaxed. Try to let them take their naps during the day without disturbing them. Try to keep feeding time to around the same time each day because rabbits will definitely know when it’s getting close to their feeding time and they will be looking for you! It’s like they wear watches!

11. Be their best friend!

It’s the best feeling when your rabbit learns to trust you and becomes your best friend too!