Have you ever thought what job your rabbit would do if they actually worked for a living? We asked our facebook followers ‘If your bunny had a job, what would they do?’
And here are their replies, to which we think any bunny parent can relate to. This hilarious list of jobs clearly sums up bunnies and their brilliant personalities.


Quality Control

Green Grocer

Celebrity actor or Model with a diva attitude

Demolition expert

Food tester
Magician… he disappears quickly!
Construction worker

Food critic

A wire tester….especially phone chargers!

The boss!

Home improvement expert


Wallpaper stripper

Official paper shredder

Forman – he has to supervise everything I do!

A judge

Interior decorator


Top hat + monocle wearing millionaire. Do nothing all day and be served!
Treat taster

Basket weaver in reverse

Military commander


A meditation guru

Unemployed and unabashedly accepting handouts


Chief tunnel engineer

Banana quality checker

Security or bouncer!

Drama Queen

Private eye – he’s SO nosy!!

Cable cutter

Prime minster ….. and in the current state he would do a better job!!

Apple seller

Mattress tester

Caring or counselling role as they are very good at listening

Confidential waste disposal (shredding paper and books)

Ruler of the world

Interior designer

Prison Warden

Professional stomper

Private investigator – watches everything very smart and does not forget anything !!!

Professional napper

Professional pooper

Lazy freeloader

Bossy manager

Tree surgeon

An Inspector – always checks on whatever you are doing!

Professional veggie tester

Spider web cleaner

Law enforcement

Quality controller in a rabbit treat factory!

Wood chipper



A bouncer  – likes to vet the doors!

Gossip writer  – they are so curious!

Escape artist

Window cleaner

On the dole

Supervisor – they love to be in charge!!

A tax collector – they can be so grumpy – payment in treats!


Why would they want to get a job? They live rent free, food served up and their only chore to help around the home is mowing the lawn & that’s only done in bits!