House rabbits are becoming more and more popular and that’s no surprise as bunnies are great company. Sharing your house with bunnies will bring lots of fun, laughter, love, comfort & company. Once you earn the trust of your new housemate (or mates), the start of a beautiful relationship will blossom but also some weird & wonderful things will happen to you too…



All of a sudden you become very tidy & stop leaving things on the floor – mainly as you don’t want them to have little nibble marks.


You can’t lay on the floor reading your favourite magazine anymore, without some bunny flopping on top of the page you are reading or trying to tear up the magazine.


When things go quiet, you get very paranoid, especially if your house rabbit is not in his/her usual place.


When your bunny has been off investigating and runs back in the room and straight past you, you find yourself asking the question ‘What have you been up to?’ Followed by you searching around the house for evidence.


A blur of fur often zooms past you at great speed on a daily basis. This is when your bunny decides to see how fast he can actually run around the house, without bumping into anything & it never fails to make you laugh.


Your neighbours think you have children because of what they hear you saying on a daily basis… ‘What are you up to?’ ‘Come out of there, right now!’ ‘Play with your own toys & leave my stuff alone!’ ‘Come & get your dinner!’ ‘Playtime!’ ‘Bedtime!’


You find you have a new buddy to watch TV with.


You find yourself copying your bunny’s yoga type stretches, because they look so good.


When you get the bunny glare, you ask ‘What have I done wrong now?’


When you eat your dinner, you notice your house rabbit eats their dinner too. How lovely!


Your rabbit’s reaction to when they hear a human ’bottom burp’ is hilarious.


Visitors cannot get over the fact you have a bunny in the house & ask the silliest questions.


Your bunny uses the litter tray just fine, until you have guests! He then leaves a couple on the carpet, right in front of them & you can’t help but think your bunny has done this on purpose.


Your bunny decides to eat his droppings right in front of your guests and again you can’t help but think he has done this on purpose. You just hope your guests don’t ask the question ‘What he’s doing?’


Your bunny will let you know which of your music they love & which they hate & if you have got it on too loud!


You creep around the house when your bunny is taking a nap.


You realise you have the best housemate, who shows you unconditional love every day!