To make feeding time fun for bunnies is so beneficial, in more ways than one. It will keep your bunny active, and keep their minds stimulated which will promote good health. It will also encourage natural behaviour and make the time they spend eating last longer, which will help keep their teeth & digestive system healthy.

## Scatter those pellets!
Don’t just feed them pellets in a bowl, also try scattering some pellets amongst their hay to help encourage hay eating. Do still place a few in their bowl so you can check your bunny is eating ok.


## Hang some food up high.
Make your bunny work harder for their food. Hang some of their food at a height so that your bunny has to stretch up to get at it. This will create natural behaviour, as wild bunnies are always reaching up for tasty brambles. One good idea we saw recently was placing hay or vegetables into a suet ball bird feeder and hanging it up in their enclosure. Brilliant!

## Throw in some dried herbs
Dried herbs make a nice healthy treat which is great for scattering amongst hay to encourage foraging for longer.

## Grate & chop!
Grate or chop a little of your rabbits vegetables and scatter it amongst their hay to make it last that little bit longer.

## Peel those carrots!
We all know bunnies can’t eat too much carrot as it is bad for them, so why not use a vegetable peeler and peel a carrot and use these thin ribbons of carrot instead. Your bunny is hardly getting any carrot this way, but they will think they are getting loads!

## Create simple toys
Place bits of vegetables amongst hay and stuff into things like cardboard tubes or tissue boxes. They will love throwing this about in order to get to what is inside (Just make sure the hole in the tissue box is big enough, so they can’t get their head stuck).

## Plant some herbs
Make a nice little herb garden in a planter for your bunnies to enjoy when they are out and about in the garden exercising. It will be great fun for them to nibble on these herbs whilst out playing.

## Get creative with hay racks
Make hay racks fun and interesting for your bunnies. All rabbits enjoy pulling out hay from gaps. There are some great hay rack products available to buy now or you can get creative and make your own. Whatever you decide to use as a hay rack, make sure the material is safe for bunnies and make sure they cannot get their head stuck in any gaps. Also if it is something they could jump into, make sure that it is placed up high enough to prevent this, so they cannot risk getting their legs caught in any gaps. Always pack gaps tightly with hay.

## Create a bedtime treat time
By giving your bunnies a healthy bedtime treat, your bunnies will in no time at all be expecting this every night and will be waiting for you. They will run around so excited when they see you appearing with their evening treat. Stops any bedtime boredom!