Are you obsessed with bunnies? If you tick more than 5 of the symptoms listed here, then congratulate yourself – you love bunnies and are obsessed by them just as much as us and that can only be a good thing!


**1. You turn into an interior designer with their homes – buying things that match your bunnies colour**

2.A week off work and spent at home rather than a week away, is the perfect holiday choice (so you can be at home with your bunnies)

**3. A perfect weekend is when you have nothing planned – so you can spend all the time with the bunnies**

4.If you do have to go out, you arrange your social life around your bunnies routine

**5. Your computer and phone are completely clogged up with photos of your bunnies & nothing much else**

6.You would love a webcam set up so you can watch your bunnies all day whilst at work

**7. You spend hours on Pinterest looking at cute rabbit photos, when you should really be getting on with all the household chores**

8.You design your garden around your bunny & leave a small area for yourself

**9. You slowly take over the shed & garage with your bunny stuff & hope nobody notices**

10.You wish your partner was a carpenter so they could build lots of cool things for your bunny

**11. You promise your partner no more bunnies after this one (knowing that is not 100% true)**

12.You stick up for your bunny when something has been damaged in the house by saying to your partner – How do you know it was her? You have no proof whatsoever! Or you quickly patch up the damage before your partner sees it

**13. When out food shopping you go straight to the vegetables and get your bunny food first, then you can relax and continue shopping for yourself**

14.You feel physically sick when you have to take your bunny to the vets & apologise to your bunny nonstop for a long time afterwards

**15. You sing to your bunny in the car all the way to the vets**

16.You extend your bunnies name into something that rhymes but means nothing (For example: Pippin Murlippin or Poppy Furloppy)

**17. You have nicknames for your bunnies to suit their personality (For example: Looney Luna)**

18.After cleaning your bunnies home out and changing it around you can’t wait to see their reaction

**19. You often see clouds shaped like a bunny**

20.You start to panic when you get low on treats (half a packet) & dread the thought of ever running out completely & seeing your bunnies disappointed face

**21. You grunt and curse as you walk by tiny hutches and runs on display in pet shops**

22.You would rescue every bunny in the world if you could