There are many times we wish our furry four-legged friends can talk & not just so they can tell us if  they are feeling ill but to answer the many burning questions we have for them. Here we have some questions bunny parents would love to ask their rabbits but these questions we think would be asked by many other pet parents too, not just bunny ones!


Do you love me as much as I love you?

Why are you so cute?

What’s so fascinating down the side of the sofa?

Why are you so fascinated with areas that are out of bounds?

What is going through your mind when you go bonkers and binky?

Do you bunnies throw wild parties when i go to work?

Why do you wait until I’m asleep to make noise?

Why do you like to lick my hand?

Do you know how adorable and loved you are?

What are Her Majesty’s wishes, preferences and fancies which this humble servant may have the privilege of fulfilling today and forever?

Why won’t you eat hay?

Why do you keep chewing up my flip flops when I give you so many chew toys to pick from?

Do you do those ‘Dead bunny flops’ on purpose & think my reaction is funny?

Do you want to go in or out? Seriously, I can’t hold this door open all day.

Why is it somedays you understand when playtime is over and other days you completely ignore me?

WHY do you LIKE the taste of wires….and carpet…when you have plenty of your own food to chew?

Why do you sometimes poop NEXT to the litter trays?

What’s wrong with using the litter tray like your wife bun?

What keeps giving you tummy ache?

Why do you hate it when I pick you up, when you are so nice to cuddle?

What are your thoughts on humans?

Do you think I’m crazy?

Can I get more morning kisses, please?

What are you thinking of little man?

What was your life before I rescued you?

Am I doing all I can for you? Are you happy?

How can I make your life perfect?

What can I do to make you feel even more loved?

What can I do to make your life even more special?

What do you want most in the whole world?

Are you in so much pain you’re not enjoying life?

Why can’t you stay with me forever?

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