The earlier you spot any illness signs with your rabbit the better as rabbits are prey animals and will hide their illnesses. Here we have listed what signs to look our for when your rabbit is ill.


##Signs all is not well:
* Difference in behaviour
* Doesn’t come to greet you
* Not interested in food
* Not drinking
* Drinking more than normal
* Hunched up
* Hiding or sitting in a corner
* Suddenly laying in their litter tray when they don’t usually
* Sitting somewhere for long periods that is different to their usual spot
* Lets you pick them up when usually they don’t
* Laying down and getting up again quickly
* Diarrhoea
* Difference in shape/texture of droppings
* Not producing any droppings
* Watery/creamy eyes
* Wet nose/discharge/sneezing

* Are their ears back and do they look different to how they usually look
* Are they acting uninterested in things they are usually interested in
* Are they laying down in a place they do not usually lay in

##Signs something is seriously wrong:
* They are limp, floppy & cold
* Difficulty breathing
* Flystrike – maggots visible on back end
* Severe diarrhoea
* Grinding teeth loudly
* Sudden loss of weight

**Please contact your vet asap if you see any of the above signs with your rabbit & you are unsure what to do. The first 24 hours are crucial!**

##Top tips
* Just by observing their behaviour closely everyday you will be able to notice quickly when they are not well.

* Always check they are eating their food and hay everyday.

* If you suspect your rabbit is unwell – try to encourage them to eat by offering them their favourite treat or try a fragrant herb like parsley or some fresh grass.

* Whenever you are unsure what to do, contact your vet immediately.

* You must act quickly – the first 24 hours are crucial as a rabbits health can deteriorate dramatically within this time.

**In an emergency please do not contact Best4bunny or a forum for advice. Contact your vet asap.**