All bunnies are full of character and even though they all have their own personality, you will find they all do very similar things. This is especially so when it comes to making us laugh. Spending time with bunnies and observing their behaviour can be really entertaining. You will witness some of the funniest things that they do, which will have you laughing every day. How many of these hysterical things listed here have you witnessed with your bunnies?

The funny things rabbits do when it comes to their food…

The way they can’t decide where to eat their favourite treat, running by you several times in different directions until they find a safe spot to eat it.

When they disapprove of the food you have put in front of them and toss it to one side in disgust! 
Sometimes, even throwing it several times, until it is over the other side of the room!

When they pick the same bit of food as their partner and neither bunny refuses to give it up, resulting in a tug of war type foodfight!


The way they get excited when you bring them food and they try to push their partner out of the way.

The way they nudge their partners head out of the food bowl, if they are taking too long to pick their food.

When you find them lying down with their head resting on their empty food bowl, waiting for their dinner.

The way they quickly forget about their tantrum or bad mood as soon as you give them a treat.




The funny things rabbits do when it comes to getting our attention…

They stomp their feet to remind you it’s time for their dinner.

When they leave the room and then run back in at speed and stomp. Their way of making an entrance, to get your attention.

Giving you a head bump and if that doesn’t work, it usually results in them giving you the little (and sometimes painful) nip.

Biting at your phone case, when you are trying to send a text.

Pulling at your trousers or scratching at your shoes.

Sitting up on their hind legs staring at you for ages and ages.



The funny things rabbits do when it comes to Happy Flops and Binkies…

When they have their mad 10 minutes just running and jumping around the whole house or garden.

Jumping over their partner bunny, who is stretched out relaxing.

When they do a Happy Flop too quickly and it results in them rolling all the way over. They get up and have a look on their face that says ‘What just happened?’ They look so stunned afterwards, its like they get up and look around to see if you were watching.

Perform super speedy Binkies from one end of the couch to the other.

Perform continuous Binkies all over the bed and run in fast circles right near the edge of the bed.

When they BOING straight up in the air from standing still.


Not so funny is the “Dead Bunny” flop. But what is funny is the way us bunny parents panic and stand right over them, checking very closely if they are still breathing. This then makes your bunny freak out when they see you standing right over them like this, which in turn then makes us jump.




The funny things rabbits do when it comes to exploring…

Constantly trying to squeezie their cotton bottoms through tiny gaps.

When they emerge from exploring places that are usually out of bounds, with cobwebs all over their face.

Constantly wanting to know what is behind the curtains.

When they are unsure about something in the house or garden and they do a very quick and low to the ground crawl past it, rather than hop.

When they get busted doing something they shouldn’t be doing and they show you they don’t care, by running off and shaking their booty at you.

When you hear an almighty crash, you find them sitting in the middle of the room with the ‘I didn’t do nothing’ look on their face.


Let’s face it, bunnies are amazing! They are so funny and bring so much happiness. The more time you spend with them, the more they entertain you!