There are many things our cute little bunny friends do that completely melt our hearts. Just by looking at them can have this effect because they are so utterly adorable with their big ears, gentle eyes and not forgetting their fluffy butts! Sadly many people think rabbits don’t do much. How wrong can they be? They clearly have not spent any time with rabbits. Rabbit’s behaviour and personalities are what we want to highlight here, so we asked bunny parents ‘what is the thing your bunnies do that completely melts your heart?’ Many answered ‘everything’ and we would agree, however that would be a very short blog. Here are the answers we received… 

Bunny kisses, you can’t beat them! 

Binkies and mad Zoomies around the house or garden. Seeing them so happy always makes your heart melt.

Bunny Butt twitches – When they twitch their adorable fluffy bottom while eating a favourite food or treat.

When rabbits do the Meerkat impression also known as the Periscoping Bunny – Standing up on their back legs, usually begging for more treats. 

Bunny naps – The way they look so peaceful when sleeping and when they are dreaming, too

When they push their head under your hands asking for head rubs.

When they snuggle into your neck when you are giving them bunny cuddles. 

The way rabbits love to hop around on your bed. 

How rabbits like to hide or play under covers or duvets.

When they perform crazy Binkies on your bed or couch and they are so fast you keep thinking they are going to fall off. 

Nipping at your ankles or pulling at your trousers for attention.  

How they lick your hand or arm to tell you they love you.

Gently head butts your feet or leg for a treat. 

When you come home from work and they come up and greet you.

When they come hopping over to you when you call their names.

Their enthusiasm and eagerness to explore new areas.

Even more enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the areas they know are out of bounds.

When your rabbit runs off shaking their fluffy bunny butt at you. They usually do this after you have told them off or said the word ‘No’.

How they like to sit by the patio doors watching the world go by outside.  

How they like to follow you around the home.

The way they like to sit in the same room as you

When your rabbit loves watching the TV with you.

How they are such great timekeepers and how they let you know what time it is. You would think rabbits wear watches!

Waiting patiently for breakfast.

Throwing a tantrum if you are late with their breakfast. 


The way their adorable bunny mouths move when they are chewing their food. 

When your rabbit is busy chewing their food and they look like they are in a daydream.

When they suddenly stop chewing their food for a few seconds and have a ‘what was that?’ expression on their face, then they relax and start chewing again.

When they greet you by standing up on their two back feet with their two front paws crossed. 

Watching how rabbits wash their face with their paws. It’s the cutest thing to observe. 


The way they clean their long bunny ears with their paws, taking great care not to miss one bit. 

The way two bonded bunnies take it in turns to clean each other but one bunny always spends less time cleaning their partner and demands more time to be cleaned. So unfair but very cute. 

When bonded bunnies snuggle up together and form a heart shape. 

When bonded bunnies give each other kisses. 


When one bunny pinches food from the other bunny’s mouth. Mean but still makes your heart melt at the cuteness.

When you see them do the famous bunny flop onto their side from standing. This makes your heart melt because it’s your bunny’s way of showing how happy and relaxed they are.

Bunny flopping gets even cuter when they perform a bunny flop right next to you and then fall asleep.

When your rabbit trusts you so much they will take a treat from your mouth.

When they rub their chin on your foot or hand – it’s like they are saying ‘you’re my friend’.

Just staring into their gentle eyes makes your heart melt. Rabbit’s eyes are so calming.

When you realise they have become your best friend and you are your rabbit’s best friend. It’s truly magical!

We hope all the above shows just what amazing personalities all rabbits have and how truly adorable they are. We also hope that all the above really proves that pet rabbits do not belong locked up in cages or hutches. You wouldn’t see any of the above behaviours if a rabbit is kept in a hutch or cage. Rabbits need lots of space to be happy. They want to share their life with you and have company, too.

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