If you share your life with rabbits then you may be able to relate to the following statements which were made by bunny parents when asked to complete the question ‘You know you have a bunny when…’

You get woken up at precisely the same time every single morning by little feet bounding around your bed!

Your grocery cart is full of bunny appropriate greens and you forget the milk for your own breakfast!

You look in your purse at the store and find a bunny poop!

You spend more money on your bunnies than you do yourself!


Your fridge is full of vegetables that are for the bunnies only!

You can’t look at Cocoa Puffs & raisins in the same way again!

You wake up thinking about their breakfast and not yours!

You throw a tantrum in the store when the fresh parsley is sold out!

You go to the supermarket and find a poop in the shopping bag, as the bunnies like sitting in the empty ones!

You can’t open the fridge without your bunnies noticing!

You are awoken by loud thumping at 5am because it’s time for their breakfast!

You can’t peel a banana without an audience!

You feel guilty eating a banana and not sharing it!

Your day is planned around your bunnies routine!

You have lots of spare computer cables & phone chargers!

The phone isn’t charged in the morning because the cord has been chewed!

All the buttons are nibbled off your remote control!

You are constantly hoovering/sweeping your floors!

Everything you have or sit on is ‘bunny-marked’!

You become very paranoid when things go quiet and your bunnies are nowhere to be seen!


You step on dried poops barefoot and it feels like stepping on a Lego block!

You step on a soft poop, without realising, and tread it all over the place!

You wonder how poop ended up on the ceiling!

You find a bunny poop in your shoe!

Bunny poop doesn’t faze you!

Your husband finds hay in his underwear draw!

Finding hay in your bed & your hair is not a surprise!

Nearly everything of yours is chewed and your bunny’s toys lay untouched!

None of your sneaker laces have those little plastic things on the tips!

Your favourite teddy only has one ear!

You are always covered in bunny fluff!

All of your handbags have been nibbled on.

You are filled with dread when you realise your friends/guests have left their handbag on the floor!


Your house starts to look like a stable!

You are woken by the noise of someone tearing apart cardboard boxes!

You dread taking your shoes off at someone’s house incase you’ve got hay stuck to your socks!

You find hay in your bra!

You have constant dirty patio doors due to them licking them!

The lawn is always short!

You have bunny poop all over the garden – best fertiliser!

One minute you are admiring your beautiful roses in the garden, then suddenly all that’s left is a stalk!

You share lots of pictures of them on facebook and talk about them all the time!

A bad day gets instantly better when at home again with the bunnies!

You talk to them all the time, as you would another person!

Your thoughts are always about your bunnies!

Your heart is full of love!

Your heart melts just by looking at them!

You feel happy and complete!

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